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"Carl has a passion for implementing quality-of-life projects. He has been a persistent and passionate advocate for enhancing our transportation and mobility options in our community. I have served with Carl on several boards in the past, most recently we served together on Invest DSM."

Angela Connolly

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"We have known Carl Voss for nearly 50 years. He cares. He cares about the city. He cares about the people. He cares about the lives of all of us. And he gets things done. Also, he is a good person."

Barbara & Michael Gartner

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"Carl is a straight-shooter and he’s not afraid to ask questions. His journalistic curiosity serves him well. I value his friendship and I’m proud to endorse his re-election."

Tony Bisignano

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"I am proud to support Carl Voss and his reelection campaign. Carl and I serve on the Invest DSM board and the Des Moines Metropolitan Planning Organization policy board. I especially enjoy our Invest DSM work - having the opportunity to bring together county and city leaders to collaborate to make an immediate impact in our neighborhoods. Carl is a dedicated team player who puts his constituents first."

Tom Hockensmith


"Cindy and I will be voting Carl this coming November, and you most definitely have our endorsement. We appreciated your help last Fall and especially your prompt response back to us. Carl was the first person who responded to our issue with a Ward 1 retention basin that wasn’t draining properly. Patrick Beane from Public Works even stopped by on a Sunday morning to get a first-hand look after a rain. Problem solved! That was something that really impressed us and something that we will never forget."

Cindy & Jim Smith


“I have known Carl for many years and always found him to be a passionate progressive who listens well and works hard to move Des Moines forward. I’ve enjoyed working with Carl on the Invest DSM Board. Carl has proven to be a strong advocate for investment and improvements in our neighborhoods. Carl is always out front on advancing the quality of life initiatives in our community that make Des Moines a great city to live, work, and play.”

Matt McCoy


"I first met Carl in February 2020 while the two of us were painting the interior of a Habit for Humanity house. Carl was there as a volunteer with his church; I was logging time for my 200 hours of Habitat sweat equity, part of Habitat’s homeowner's program. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch. He checked in with Habitat leadership on the progress for completion of our house during COVID. And he has stopped to see me at the Iowa Movement for Justice where I work as a paralegal to provide important immigration services in our community. Carl has been there for me and my girls went we needed help! He has been there went things were really bad, and Carl lift me up in Christ's name! In September, Carl was an important part of the Habitat ceremony when my daughters and I received the keys to our new Habitat home. It was a joyful day!"

Rachel Duang

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"I wholly support Carl Voss in his re-election campaign. He has done excellent work on the city council and goes out of his way to reach out to the people he represents. Des Moines will be well-served by Carl’s continued advocacy and work ethic on the city council." 

Nate Boulton


"Carl has been a tireless advocate for every neighborhood in Des Moines. I'm proud to endorse his reelection for City Council!"

Sean Bagniewski

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"I live close to Monroe Elementary School. The sidewalks and crosswalk area of the busy intersection were in terrible shape. On several corners, the concrete was significantly broken up, and it was difficult to cross the street when you have a walker or wheelchair.

I needed to talk to someone about repairs. Carl was the first person that answered my call! Carl put me in touch with the appropriate people. I was so impressed with Rob Silvers' timely effort to resolve this issue. The follow-up with phone calls and emails was excellent.

Carl has the welfare of the residents in his heart, and I am so darn thankful to have him as my Councilman! The issue was solved quickly with professionalism and terrific customer service. Another reason I am so proud of our city and to have Carl on the City Council!"

Ron Lambert

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"Carl Voss has been an advocate for making Des Moines safer and healthier. From working to strengthen the city's mental health resources to making our city more equitable and accessible, I know that he will continue to do great work on the Des Moines City Council."

Emily Webb


"Carl has served our city well on the council by championing accessibility and sustainability when planning Des Moines' future. I appreciate his thoughtful and inclusive approach to problem-solving, and I believe his voice is greatly needed as our city charts its course forward." 

Austin Baeth


"Laborers' Local 177 is proud to endorse Councilman Carl Voss for re-election to the Des Moines City Council At-Large seat. Since his initial election, Councilman Voss has been a strong ally for the working men and women of Des Moines and has vowed to continue that service once re-elected to the Council." 

LiUNA Local 177


"I met Carl Voss in 1990 when we were both actively training to run the Drake Marathon. I soon discovered his strong commitment to our community and his “never-give-up” attitude to everything he sets out to do. Carl has served all of us with that sense of commitment on the DSM City Council the past few years and I wholeheartedly endorse him for re-election this November."

Jo Oldson


"I support Carl Voss for re-election. We met nearly fifteen years ago when my daughter participated in a bike camp at the Grubb YMCA. Carl showed tremendous care towards my daughter and her love for cycling. In the subsequent years, Carl has always been responsive to any questions I’ve had about various initiatives and projects within the city.

His passion for people, neighborhoods and community has brought about necessary conversations which resulted in action towards change. His consistent demonstration for equity, mobility, and infrastructure speaks to his dedication for a better Des Moines. I stand with Carl, because he stands with me."

Dayna Chandler



"I have had the opportunity to work with Councilmember Voss on numerous occasions starting with his appointment on the Traffic Committee in 2009. He is an extremely hard-working individual who takes his position seriously. He has also gone above and beyond in assisting with raising funds for various projects throughout the City. He is clearly a key piece of the "public/private partnerships" that make the City shine. I wholeheartedly support his re-election."

Chris Hensley



"I’ve mostly known the public side of Carl, but I am aware of so many things that he has instigated that have helped make Des Moines and Central Iowa a better place to live.
My involvement with Carl has included;
The Capital Striders Running & Walking Club, where when he served as a board member encouraged us to start our college scholarship program based on an endowment program, which has provided assistance to over 60 area high school x-c runners over the years in their effort to continue their education.
Started the Loop the Lake Run as a Kick-Off to the opening of the new Gray's Lake Trail System which is a highlight of the past 20 years of development in downtown Des Moines. He then encouraged the club to support the trail by providing funding for the doggy do-do bag stations to help keep the system nice for the public.
He represented the club in donating the first $5,000 to the Principal Riverwalk Campaign which led to it becoming one of the most used parts of the trail system in our city. He encouraged us to provide financial support the signage system on the trails and water fountains along the trails in public places.
He initiated the Capital Striders annual New Year's Day Mitten Run which raises money for the Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa.
Carl’s efforts over the years have also included helping with an event that I directed, the Off Road O Cross Race at Living History Farms. With his help we have raised over $1,400,000 for the L.H. Farm and other area charities and non-profits through the Bobenhouse Lavender Foundation.
Carl is forever thinking up innovative and creative ways to improve our community and we need that kind of leadership on our city council."

Steve Bobenhouse


"I especially appreciate Carl’s continued efforts to move Des Moines and Polk County forward with our response to mental health issues. He was on board early with support via A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS), and hasn’t let up."

Kacey Davis


"I first met Carl Summer/Fall 2004 about the need for a skatepark in Des Moines. Carl and the AMOS group helped give us some guidance and leadership. Carl stuck with this skatepark project the whole time and it was a very bumpy road. He wanted to hear from the skaters and he would listen to us and not talk at us.

I know Carl loves the city of Des Moines and wants us to be the best city we can be."

Kevin Jones


I am honored to have the endorsement of the South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, for my reelection campaign to the Des Moines City Council. 

I look forward to advocating for organized labor on the City Council and continuing to work with them to build a robust middle class in the city.



"Carl is the clear choice for Des Moines City Council At-Large. He is an established and far-sighted leader, evidenced by his years of service to our community, from chairing the Transportation Safety Committee and co-founding the Des Moines Bike Collective to helping revitalize our neighborhood parks and trails.

Carl employs an honest and practical approach to bringing people together and bridging divisions. His never-ending concern for our community is evidenced in his willingness to listen, garner suggestions and ideas, and move forth collaboratively with stakeholders seeing projects through to fruition.

With his proven leadership that will continue to guide us in the growth of Des Moines, I will cast my vote to reelect Carl as City Councilman At-Large in November."

Kittie Weston-Knauer


Bill Gray

"Carl and I served together on the council on two occasions. He played an interim role in 2013 and 2014 when I was first elected. That interim gig prepared him for his 2020 swearing-in as an all-large council member. And we sat elbow to elbow in council chambers for a couple of years.  We were able to get important ordinances passed that greatly helped the city.
Carl takes his constituent work seriously and makes sure he has solid background information from staff and other council members before responding. Very thoughtful. I’m pleased to endorse Carl for a second term.  He will serve the city well."


“We support policymakers who place a top priority on public safety. Carl Voss has demonstrated a deep commitment to providing the Des Moines Police Department and our members with the resources we need to keep our community safe.

We appreciate his respect for our profession."


Janet Petersen

"I am voting for Carl Voss for the Des Moines City Council. Carl is a long-time friend. He has a heart for public service and is a champion for causes that lift people up. He’ll bring experience, passion and energy to the Des Moines City Council, standing up for issues that matter to our everyday lives."


Rick Olson

"Carl Voss has worked tirelessly to improve Des Moines. He shows up for work and is responsive when contacted. He has my vote in November."


Frank "Freight Train" Strong

I support Carl Voss because Carl has the heart and soul to be a great public servant. Carl listens… and takes action.

I also support Carl Voss for the at-large City Council office because Carl is a long-time supporter of the Des Moines community. For many years Carl has financially supported the Botanical Blues concert series. The Botanical Blues concert series is held during the winter months at the Des Moines Botanical Garden. This family-friendly and disability-accessible concert series provides a respite from the harsh Iowa winters while promoting live Blues music to all ages.

​Carl and his wife Sue also promote other live music events in the community by hosting live music events in their home in the East Village of Des Moines. These events also promote live music and provide a showcase for talented artists from near and far. These house concerts help to bring our community together in fun and wholesome ways.

Carl is also a long-time promoter of public engagement, public transit, and the Des Moines Bicycle Collective. The Bicycle Collective is a program that promotes bicycle usage throughout the community."


"Carl Voss, running for reelection, has, in his first tenure, displayed how he applies his experience and skills in bringing people together to accomplish goals for our city.

He not only shows a strong sense of leadership but also a strong ability to work with constituents. He has shown we can rely on them to provide strong leadership but also bring people together.

I believe he has been great on the Des Moines City Council, and I appreciate all his hard work. Please vote for Carl Voss in November."

Paula Feltner


"I am happy to endorse Carl Voss for Des Moines City Council.

Carl has shown up in our community, asked questions, inquired with empathy, and helped our city get things done that permanently and positively impact our residents."

Izaah Knox



"Carl Voss has always been an advocate for investing in the city's infrastructure and strengthening neighborhoods for working-class Iowans while on the Des Moines City Council. We look forward to working with him to continue building on the city's progress during the last four years and are excited to endorse Carl's reelection campaign."


Brian Meyer

"Over the past four years while on City Council, Carl has done a terrific job working on behalf of all Des Moines residents to make our City more accessible and neighborhood-focused.

I'm proud to endorse his reelection campaign, and I am looking forward to working with Carl to build off the progress that Des Moines has had during his four years on the City Council."


"Carl Voss truly has a passion for our city. Working with him last year after the hit-and-run accident that killed my daughter, he showed me that he truly cared for our community by working alongside the city DOT and Vision Zero. To make our city Streets walkable and safe for our youth and our elderly."

Anna Campos


Carl McPherson

"Carl Voss is a long-time actively involved community-minded advocate whose focus has been the betterment of the City of Des Moines and surrounding areas. I trust Carl Voss to continue looking out for the best interests of the residents of our City!

You want continued growth and safety in Des Moines? VOTE FOR CARL VOSS!"



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