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It's been an honor to serve as your At-large City Council member over the past four years. During that time, we've made great strides to make Des Moines one of the best places to live in the country. I'm running for reelection to build off of the progress we've made in Des Moines.


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 Here are four areas that I intend to prioritize: 


Make Des Moines safer and healthier

  • Continue to strengthen Des Moines' mental health resources.

  • Invest in community-led public safety initiatives to protect our neighbors.

  • Collaborate with community partners to reduce gun violence.


Improve our city's infrastructure

  • Prioritize public works dollars to fix roads and improve walkability to connect our city.

  • Work with Federal, State, and local partners to ensure everyone has clean drinking water.

  • Collaborate with Polk County communities to expand DART access.


Secure a healthy environment and clean water for our residents

  • Help Des Moines be a leader in implementing climate change mitigation efforts.

  • Work with public and private partners to prioritize renewable energy sources.

  • Invest in programs that empower homes and businesses to manage stormwater.


Make Des Moines more neighborhood-focused

  • Increase affordable housing availability in Des Moines.

  • Expand Invest DSM and city-wide block-grant programs.

  • Continue working to make our city more equitable and accessible for everyone.

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