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New Campaign Headquarters

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

We are happy to announce we've found a new home here in Des Moines to continue our campaign. We were in need of more space for our growing team and volunteers, and are fortunate to call Franklin Jr. High our new home. Franklin Junior High opened in 1951, and grew with the city, later it became a church after the school closed in 1979.

4801 Franklin Ave. Des Moines, Iowa

The office is a perfect, central location as we continue to work towards the City Council At-Large election, set for November the 5th.

Zeta Maxwell, Easy Painting

Over the years, these walls have seen thousands of visitors that all left messages, names, and much more. from PLUS we had Carl's dear friend Zeta Maxwell of Easy Painting taking care of the painting needs. Zeta has done a lot of work through the Metro, including painting for Carl and Susan's home!

The walls below were covered throughout the offices, and Zeta did a fantastic job helping create a fresh canvas for Team Voss to plant their roots.

Taylor Donaldson, our campaign manager was key in getting the offices up and running, setting up work stations for volunteers, sorting materials, stocking the coolers with water, and creating a welcoming place for those that share in Carl's vision of Des Moines.

We look forward to seeing lots of friendly faces coming through our offices as we work harder and harder in our community!

New Office Address:

Voss for City Council

4801 Frankin Avenue

Room 113-113A

Des Moines, IA

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