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Representative Marti Anderson Endorses Carl Voss for Council

On Monday, July 1st, Carl Voss made his public announcement with more than 50 people present at McHenry Park in Des Moines, with hundreds more tuned-in on social media through his Facebook Live stream.

Today, Iowa State Representative, Marti Anderson publicly endorsed Carl as he seeks the At-Large seat for Des Moines City Council. Anderson represents District 36, here in Des Moines other parts of the metro.

"I enthusiastically support Carl Voss for City Council. He is a proven hard worker and a thoughtful problem-solver for the people of Des Moines. Carl has always shared his time and expertise generously on issues faced by our city. He has served on community-betterment projects, commissions, and even as interim City Council member when we need him. Carl’s passion for Des Moines will make our community a better place to live, raise a family, work, and enjoy life."

-Representative Marti Anderson

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