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Trail Cleanup in Des Moines

A group of bike friends organized a trail cleanup Friday on the Carl Voss Trail. Someone suggested I should participate!

Dang, this was a group of 10 ambitious volunteers—all friends. Stayed after it for four hours and pretty much made a clean sweep:

20 or so tires, stove, water heater, plastic drain tile, wheel barrow plus countless plastic bags and water bottles.

Here’s a note from Ben Page, Parks & Recreation director:

"This has to be one of our most successful groups based on the size of the group, amount of trash collected and in a short time. It’s really cool to see what volunteers can do.”

Helps to have few farm-raised volunteers who aren’t shy about getting after it!

Event organized by Randy Kramer and his Fun Haters friends; Jordan Hildreth from the Des Moines Parks & Recreation volunteer staff provided support.

This trail looked especially fine for Saturday's RAGBRAI Roadshow from Water Works Park to Easter Lake (Meredith, Carl Voss and Mark Ackelson trails).

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